One of our favorite testimonials... We love hearing from people who enjoy our juices.  It is also great that a postcard can be sent with no address and still make it to us...We live in an amazing small community.

"I discovered Big B's Spearmint Apple Cooler last night, and had to try it!  I was already familiar with Big B's apple juice and lemonade, and adored the Ginger Apple Cooler, so this was a no-brainer.  And it lived up to and exceeded every possible expectation!  It's cool, sweet, refreshing, and amazing!  I would buy it by the jug if I could (my local store carries the 16 oz. containers.)  Great product!"

"I'd like to say how much I love you're apple juice and apple cider.  Incredible, unmatched flavor and a clear conscience knowing it's a local and organic product!"

"Your Big B's unpasteurized cold pressed apple cider is BY FAR the most incredible apple cider I have ever tasted!  My entire family LOVES it!  I would not have expected such amazing cider to come from Colorado.  Thanks for such a wonderful product."

"I just want to let you know how much I love your unpasteurized cider! As a child, we used to press fresh cider from the apples growing in my parent's garden. Your apple cider is the closest I've gotten to tasting fresh pressed cider since then."

"I'm completely hooked on your apple cider…could give me a list of other places that normally carry your products? I live in Lakewood, but would be willing to drive a ways to get more. HELP!!"

"Your Cold-Pressed Apple Cider is the best thing that has ever touched my lips!  Do you guys sell your products at any stores in the San Francisco Bay Area?  Would it be possible to order it directly from you guys?  Thanks!"

"I have only recently discovered your juices, and let me tell you that these are the finest juices that I have tasted away from the farm."

"Can I buy a case of the cinnamon apple cooler's in the 12oz size direct from you?  I cannot live without this product."

“Just bought it at Whole Foods.  I never ever contact a company about their product but OMG this is the BEST EVER.  Thanks so much for a really good product and hope you have continued success.  Being a Colorado Native, I feel you done us proud!!”

“I am an addict of your Iced Tea and I've noticed that it's getting more and more scarce. Is your delicious and wonderful Iced Tea a seasonal gift (i.e. summer) or do I need to come to terms with the fact that it's now only a memory and that I'll have to just start making my own (!)?  I live in Boulder and I prefer your tea to all of the other products out there. I'm a Southern girl by birth and I need my iced tea! :) Thank you for humoring me on this vital matter.”

"Ginger Apple Juice - thank you for this great juice...I am pregnant, and this is the only thing that COMPLETELY relieves my morning sickness.. unfortunately I have to drink it all the time to sustain this relief, but it is SOOO good.. the BEST cider I have ever tired by far!  Thank you so much for your brilliant cider extraction, it's a service to humans everywhere."