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The lifestyle and philosophy of LOCAL and ORGANIC yet again proves to be the safest, smartest, healthiest and tastiest choice. When you choose Colorado Local Organic products you choose to know your farmer, trust the organic standard, and provide safe, healthy and delicious food for your family! Here at Big B's we use only Organic US grown apples, primarily from our own organic orchards and from neighboring organic orchards! The facts speak for themselves...Big B's Fabulous Juices are the BEST choice for your family and ours!

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If you have any questions about arsenic in apple juice, read our FAQ below. Please call or email with any questions.
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The Facts About Arsenic in Local Organic Apple Juice

  • The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA),  based upon thorough scientific evaluation, has established a specific level of concern for inorganic arsenic in apple juice at 23 parts per billion (ppb).  NONE of the juice samples tested by Consumer Reports exceeded the 23 ppb level of inorganic arsenic.

  • There is an even stricter standard created by the EPA for a safe level of arsenic in drinking water at 10 parts per billion.  Even if you apply the stricter drinking water levels of arsenic of 10ppb, there is still no reason to worry about local organic apple juice.

  • Only 6% of the Consumer Reports' Apple Juice samples (5 of 77 samples) had arsenic levels higher than 10ppb.  NONE of these higher arsenic samples were Organic Juices and NONE were from exclusive USA apples.

  • 66% of the Consumer Reports' Grape Juice samples (4 of 6 samples) had arsenic levels higher than the 10ppb. Most mixed fruit juices contain grape juice as an ingredient. If grape juices have higher levels of arsenic, it is better to purchase 100% juice without added grape juice. Big B's does not add grape juice to any of our products.
  • Buying Organic Apple Juice reduces the likelihood that there will be elevated arsenic levels since the apples were grown without the use of pesticides that could contain arsenic.

This is one more reason to feel good about buying local organic apple juice. Big B's Juices would like to ensure you that we use only organic apples grown in the USA.

Download a fact sheet here!